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Driving Lessons Lichfield

I would be delighted if you took the time to phone me, but I need to prove to you I am the right driving instructor in Lichfield to help you pass your driving test, so feast your eyes on all this fab information I’m about to share.

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Make Your First Driving Experience Memorable With The Best Driving Instructor In Town. Grab Your Driving License In First Attempt Just Call Us We’ll Do The Rest.

Driving Lessons Lichfield

The moment has come for you to find a driving school in Lichfield and you are determined to get the best instructor. Right now from this very website you are going to discover 2 things. Those are…



1. How to save at least £500 on passing your driving test.


2. How to pass your driving test at the first attempt.

How To Save Serious Money?
Now this comes in 3 stages, the last stage is passing your driving test first time, because I know how you will do that, and you will thank me for it – trust me.
Step 1
this is all about structuring your driving lessons, how long they should be and when to take them. The big problem is this, the DVSA has said the average number of hours to pass the driving test is 47 with professional driving tuition. 47! That’s a lot right?
Well the problem is this, you get people taking just one hour of tuition a week and just what are you going to remember the following week? Nothing. Well very little. It’s like learning anything you have got to practice or you lose what you have learned.
You will find that on hourly lessons, once a week, will require a 15 to 20 minute recap on what you did last week, and that’s just to get you back to the level achieved last week. So for every four hours, you are wasting one hour of your money. Now think about what the DVSA say on 47 hours of tuition, you could be throwing away 11 hours and in the region of £300.
So what is the ideal solution to save £300?
It’s all about structuring your driving lessons properly.
First of all I recommend 2 hour lessons, 90 minutes if you really must.
These times give you time to learn and for you brain to take it all in.
After That
you have got to look at taking a lesson every 3 or 4 days.
Agreed – sometimes that might not be practical for you, but do what you can.
Here is how to save another £300
The DVSA also say you will need quite a few hours of private practice if you are going to pass within 47 hours, but if you structure your lessons as we suggest you will not need private practice. To pay for insuring a family car and fuelling it can reasonably cost you in the region of £25 to £30 a week, so imagine the cost over 3 months – ouch! And you simply do not need it if you structure your driving lessons properly.
And Finally
Finally…Passing your driving test the first time and saving another £300 or so.
Every learner driver would love to pass first time, and this is the best way forward.
It’s what I am going to teach you.

Driving Test

Understand the driving test is all about showing you are safe & sound. We’ll understand your skills and train you as your ability to take that’s how we work with our students. The end result means you will be a great driver and fully prepared to pass as expert & well trained driver.

Driver Safety

We define driver safety through the ability to be able to spot hazards, to be in control of the car, to obey the Highway Code, and to have the desire to be safe. This is what the examiner is looking for. The end result means you will be a great driver and fully prepared to pass as expert.

Understand You

Half of all driving tests end as a failure and the reason is because the driver is not fully prepared, but by working with me, right from your first lesson we will use everything stated in point 2 for all of your lessons. The end result means you will be a great driver and fully prepared to pass.

Develop Your Skills

Before you take your test you will be driving without my support, you will have passed a mock test and completed all of your driving skills. This will give you the confidence you need. The end result means you will be a great driver and fully prepared to pass as expert & well trained driver.

I do not think anyone else shares this type of common sense information with you.

So how about you pick up the phone and call me.